Studiedag 1 december 2017
Lid € 60
Niet-Lid € 85
Gepensioneerd/werkzoekend/jong oud-student HG (2015-2018) € 45
Voordrachten zonder lunch € 50
Verwelkoming - Marc Strubbe
Geen samenvatting beschikbaar.
Wild and Spontaneous – Main characteristics of Brettanomyces bruxellensis yeasts - Sam Crauwels, KULeuven
Brettanomyces bruxellensis plays an intriguing role in fermented beverages: crucial in (some) beer, unwanted in (most) wine. Recent research showed that the phenotypic behaviour of the yeast is strongly dependent on the strain and fermentation medium.
Degassing of beer before measurement - Wolfgang Kalthoff, Steinfurth Mess-Systeme
The presentation will introduce the brand new, innovative lab scale de-carbonation system of Steinfurth (LDC). The automatic and high efficient LDC concept is designed to de-carbonate beverages without loss of volatile components like alcohol or aroma
Improved dealcoholization process of beer and its market potential - Martin Jörg, Centec
The thermal Centec DeAlcoTec beer dealcoholization
process will be explained and compared to other technologies, followed by a short overview about the
history, development, actual situation and a forecast of the AFB market.
Dynafill Filling and capping with one and the same unit - Johannes Plankl, Krones
As fast as no other system. Filling and capping is done in one sole functional unit – and that within less than five seconds. With good reason, one can claim that the concept of Dynafill revolutionises beer filling.
The transformation of old tradition – a novel brewhouse concept - Tobias Becher, ZIEMANN HOLVRIEKA
The novel brewing process divides the brewhouse tasks into subprocesses, which are treated individually and, by combining partial flows, finally completed in an optimal way. Hence, shorter process times and higher yields can be achieved.
Dry hopping in a nutshell - Christina Schönberger, Joh. Barth & Sohn
Dry hopping is a rediscovered art in brewing
technologies. What are the possibilities? What mean
the different parameters for the resulting hop aroma
and flavour in the beer?
The influence of dark and roasted malt on the flavor stability of beer - Frank-Jürgen Methner, TU Berlin
Besides oxygen, iron and temperature also
reductones have a major influence on flavor stability
of beer. Especially dark and roasted malt varieties
contain more free iron as well as more reductones.
Both factors will be discussed in the presentation.
Industriële productie van glutenvrije moutbieren: een koud kunstje? - Anneleen Decloedt, Hogeschool Gent en Universiteit Gent
Glutenvrij zit in de lift en dat geldt ook voor glutenvrije
bieren. Afgelopen jaar werden reeds zesmaal zoveel
nieuwe glutenvrije bieren gelanceerd als in 2010. Maar
hoe kunnen glutenvrije moutbieren gebrouwen
worden en wanneer is glutenvrij nu echt glutenvrij?
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